Fifteen years is a long time, especially for your house. Has it been that many years, or more, since your last window replacement in Columbia Heights, MN?

Maybe the water stains and peeling paint near your windows don’t seem like major issues. But as time wears on, your utility bills will start to increase. Keep your windows—and the rest of your home—in top shape by turning to Beissel Window & Siding. We’ve been helping homeowners in Columbia Heights for 65 years.

The Details Matter

When you live with bad windows, you don’t realize what you’re missing. At Beissel Window & Siding, we make sure every detail of your window replacement is perfect. We’ll work with you to make decisions regarding material, shape, design, and more. Ultimately, we’ll equip your home with energy-efficient and high-tech windows in Columbia Heights, MN.

And our services don’t stop there! If you need a roof, siding, door, or gutter replacement, we can take care of that too. We can add insulation to your attic to keep your home warm and eco-friendly. We also help commercial clients replace windows and install new storefronts.

Learn More

Our office is located in St. Paul, but we’ve been serving the surrounding area—including Columbia Heights—for many years. If you own an outdated home, give us a call. We’ll be happy to provide more information about your options. Reach our office at 651-451-6835.