Minneapolis Doors

As a homeowner, there are two questions that you should always ask yourself before making changes to Minneapolis doors or home improvements:

  1. If I make this change will my home look better?
  2. Can I save money?

Choosing to add an entry door, storm door or new patio door means that you can answer yes to both questions.

At Beissel Windows and Siding we can help you choose doors that improve your safety, look great and save you money all at the same time. Here are just a few of the door types we provide.

Entry Doors

Beissel Window and Siding supplies and installs a wide variety of exterior doors for homeowners in Minneapolis and surrounding areas.

It is important that once an entry door is beyond repair that you replace it. Having an entry door that is not broken is essential for your home, as it keeps intruders out plus it stops your home from losing heat in the winter.

These days you can choose from a wide range of styles, colors, and materials when picking a new door. This is great as it allows you to personalize your home.

Just a few of the popular entry door styles we offer include:

  • Fiberglass doors – strong and durable with paintable or real wood appearance
  • Steel doors – durable and energy efficient
  • Wood doors – timeless and beautiful natural woods to withstand summer heat and winter cold

Storm Doors

A storm door is an extra door that you fit on the outside of your exterior doors.

Fitting storm doors will change the appearance of your home. It can also save you money due to the added insulation reducing your heating costs.

4 Reasons To Install A Storm Door

Getting storm doors can be a great idea for many reasons, but the 4 main reasons are:

1 – Energy Efficient

A storm door will help to make your home more energy-efficient. The door works by closing in front of your existing entrance door, this creates another layer of insulation. The benefit of more insulation is that it is harder for hot or cool air to get into your home. Your temperature can remain more consistent, which means you save money on heating and cooling costs.

2 – Safety

A great feature of the storm door is that it can be locked. This means any potential intruder must get through 2 locked doors to enter your home.

You can also keep the storm door locked but open your internal door if you have suspicions about the person at the door. Doing this can prevent unwanted persons from forcing entry as you remain safely behind the locked internal door.

3 – Useful All Year

Many people think that a storm door is only helpful in winter months when the weather is colder. A storm door is useful all year, as it keeps the heat out in summer. You can enjoy a more comfortable home all year round plus you don’t have the hassle of having to remove a storm door in summer.

4 – Longer Door Life

The door to your home is constantly degrading over time, this is made quicker by the weather. Minneapolis doors, especially ones made from wood, can suffer greatly due to the challenging climate of Minnesota with cold winters and hot summers.

Replacing an external door can be expensive so adding a storm door can be a great way of making your internal door last longer.

The storm door will protect the external door from the variations in temperature and from damage caused by things such as rain, snow, and debris.

Patio Doors

Patio doors can significantly boost the quality of your home. They can allow more light into the home to create a brighter, seemingly larger space.

You can also rest assured that they can withstand the weather so your home has additional protection from the elements.

If you are worried about security, then don’t be. Patio doors are extremely secure. Usually, they have double-glazing and include plenty of features, such as locks and bars that make them hard for intruders to open.

Boost Your Home’s Value And Save Money

Deciding to install a storm door, patio doors, or a new entry door to your home will benefit your home as it offers additional security, an improved appearance, and makes the home more environmentally friendly.

New doors can also help you save money, here is how:

  • Cheaper energy bills due to less need for heating or cooling
  • The external door will last longer due to suffering reduced damage

When it Comes to Minneapolis Doors – Beissel Can Help

If you need storm doors, patio doors, or entry doors we can help.

Call now on 651-451-6835 to discuss your needs or ask any further questions.