What type of siding do you see in your neighborhood? You likely see vinyl slats, brick, and stucco. Depending on the area, you might even see wood or stone siding.

Now have a look at your own home and see how its appearance measures up to the other houses on the street. Does it look the same? Does your siding have an identical color and texture?

If you want your home to make a statement instead of fading into the background, you need a new siding option, like scalloped or shake siding. At Beissel Window & Siding, we’ve made it easy for you to get this unique siding option in the Minneapolis/St. Pa

ul, MN area. We want to help you beautify and personalize your home, so we only carry high-quality exterior features like those listed below.

Give Your Home a Quaint Appearance With Scallop-Shaped Siding

If you ever wanted a home that felt more cottage-like or a little more Old World, then scalloped siding gives you the perfect solution. It adds an interesting texture to an exterior feature that passersby would normally ignore. You also add a mellow, relaxed air to your property. People can go to your Minneapolis, MN home and expect old-fashioned values and great hospitality.

Create an Outdoorsy and Modern Feel With Shake-Style Siding

Shake siding can also help you create an old-fashioned atmosphere if you use the right accessories, such as tile roofing or antiques used as garden decorations. However, this versatile siding option can also contribute to an outdoorsy and modern look.

Both of these siding options come in colors that can suit your home’s or your neighborhood’s current look. Learn more about personalization by getting in touch with our team in St. Paul, MN. Call us at 651-451-6835 or stop by our office on Oakdale Avenue.

We offer siding in many colors, styles and textures for every home and budget. It is also weather, insect, moisture and fungus resistant with a lifetime limited warranty.

Vinyl siding is one of the most popular options.

Have the home you’ve always wanted using creative siding and trim designs.

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