Ask any good real estate agent what adds the most value to a house and they will say the bathroom and the kitchen.

These spaces make the strongest impression on potential buyers.

Even if you are remodeling the home to make it a better fit for you, Minneapolis bathroom remodeling is the perfect place to start because the bathroom of the house is a personal retreat.

Factors To Consider Before Bathroom Remodeling

To make sure you get the most out of your bathroom remodeling project, it is essential to be well-prepared.

There are several factors to consider before you start a bathroom makeover project.  These include:

What is the purpose of the bathroom remodel?

You need to identify exactly what you hope to achieve with this bathroom remodel.

Is it simply to give an old bathroom a refreshed look? Are you looking to make the bathroom more functional? Perhaps you want to make better use of limited space? Or are you remodeling to make your bathroom attractive to prospective buyers?

Knowing your objectives will help you clearly identify the work that needs to be done to your bathroom and will help keep you focused and organized. It will also give you a better idea of how much this project is likely to cost.

What is your budget and timeline?

As with any project, knowing your budget beforehand helps you to use your finances prudently and protects you from making ill-informed decisions.

Based on the capital available and the work you need to get done, you will need to decide on the budget for your remodeling project.

Additionally, it is important to be aware and make note of any specific timeline restrictions you have for your project so the remodeling can be planned accordingly.

What essential upgrades should you consider?

Numerous basic changes can go a long way in upgrading your bathroom and adding to the purpose of your remodeling regardless of what it is:

  • Drainage: Residential plumbing typically uses 1.5″ pipes for the drain. However, upgrading to 2″ pipes can make a huge difference in how much you suffer from clogging issues and it can be done at a negligible cost. Additionally, for areas where the temperatures drop below freezing, such as Minneapolis, it is important to ensure you insulate the pipes that are in the exterior wall as they would be at risk of exploding in freezing temperatures.
  • Shower floors: Shower floors come with a high risk of slipping. Small tiles offer more traction and, with the limitless designs available, the aesthetics will not be compromised whatsoever. Additionally, ensure that they are installed in the proper sloping fashion to prevent water pooling that could be a slipping hazard and ripe ground for mold and mildew growth.
  • Storage space for small bathrooms: When remodeling a small bathroom, creating storage options is an essential upgrade. You can do so by having recessed shelving in the shower, installing extra wall shelving, and having an integrated cistern.
  • Fixtures:  If you want your fixtures to last for decades, choose high quality bathtub, toilet, sink and faucet products.  There many affordable options, but if you can help it, don’t scrimp on bathroom amenities. For that high-end look consider granite or other natural stone for your vanity countertops.  Porcelain tile flooring is highly durable and adds that great bathroom look.  Subway tile on the shower walls is a very current bathroom design trend.  Top it off with some great looking light fixtures based on the latest trends and you’ll have the bathroom of your dreams.

Hiring A Minneapolis Bathroom Remodeling Contractor

Once you are clear on the aforementioned factors, you are ready to get your bathroom makeover underway.

The next step is hiring a bathroom remodeling contractor.

Shop around and get in touch with a few contractors before deciding on one.

When deciding on a contractor, there are several things to look for, which we list below:

  • Positive reviews and references: Look for a contractor who comes highly recommended by customers who have had similar projects done. Ask family and friends for feedback or look up reviews online. You can ask your contractor for references and also have them show you photos of their work on similar previous projects.
  • Licensed professionals with insurance coverage: Always make sure that the contractor you want to hire has all the required professional licenses and they are valid. Additionally, contractors should carry personal liability, workers’ compensation, and property damage coverage. Interview contractors, ask them for proof of insurance and make sure every aspect of your remodeling is covered by their insurance.
  • Experienced: There is no substitute for experience. Choose a contractor with experience specific to bathroom remodeling in your local area. So if, for example, you are located in or around Minneapolis, then it is best to hire a local Minneapolis bathroom remodeling contractor.

Getting the right contractor for your job translates to your full bathroom makeover a success.

So, if you are in or around Minneapolis and are looking to have your bathroom remodeled, Call Beissel Windows and Doors for a free bath remodeling estimate.

Homeowners throughout the tri-city area have relied on Beissel for all types of home repair and remodeling projects.

As a general contractor, we have years of experience in bathroom renovation and look forward to working with you on your new bathroom design and remodel project.