Residential Roofing in St. Paul

St. Paul is a very diverse area, with people of all ages, races, and income levels. At Beissel Window & Siding, we offer affordable residential roofing to all homeowners throughout St. Paul, MN and Minneapolis, MN.

Whether your home is 15 years old or 100 years old, we can strengthen and update your home with premium roof materials.

Our Roofing Process

When you call us, we’ll first conduct a consultation. We’ll find out more about your expectations and provide our own insight and advice. Then we’ll set a date to get started on your roof.

Soon, our roofing technicians arrive to install one of two types of roofs. The first type of roofing material we offer is rubber membrane, which is ideal for flat and low-sloped roofs. Rubber roofs are lightweight and easy to install. They resist leaking—and if they do develop leaks, they are easy to repair. They are also superb at blocking UV rays, which can save you money on air conditioning costs.

We also install asphalt/fiberglass shingles. This type is both wind-resistant and fire-resistant. Asphalt/fiberglass shingles come in many colors and shapes, from gray to red, and can even imitate the look of wood or stone.

We use premium materials from manufacturers like Owens-Corning and GAF, and we provide generous guarantees for our materials and workmanship.

As soon as we install your new residential roofing, we’ll thoroughly clean our work area using magnetic sweeping.

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We’ve worked in the Minneapolis, MN area since 1950, and we’ve provided hundreds of homeowners with stunning roofs.

Your new roof can protect your family from the elements and increase the value of your home. Come visit our showroom to find the right roofing materials for your home. Or, simply call us at 651-451-6835 for a residential roofing consultation for your St. Paul, MN home.

Our work is guaranteed with both a manufacturer’s and workmanship warranty, allowing you to rest assured that you have a dependable roof overhead for many years to come. We’ve been installing roofs that stand up to Minnesota winters for more than half a century!

For a FREE quote on your Roofing needs, please call or email us today!

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