Fiberglass Windows in St. Paul

The Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN area sees some cold, wet winters, and those winters can take a toll on your home’s exterior materials. Luckily, if you switch to other materials, like fiberglass windows, you don’t have to worry about your windows wearing out. A fiberglass frame can withstand the elements and help your windows last for decades to come.

At Beissel Window & Siding, we offer fiberglass products because they have superior molding capabilities as well as excellent durability. Both characteristics make fiberglass ideal for use in St. Paul and Minneapolis, MN homes.

Reap the Benefits of Fiberglass

Fiberglass windows have unique advantages in addition to those listed above. These advantages include:

  • Insulation—Fiberglass consists of a polymer reinforced with strands of pulled glass. Air gets trapped inside with the glass and polymer and creates increased insulation. This insulation also stops condensation from forming on the window in the winter. As a result, you won’t have to worry about mold, and you won’t have to worry about higher energy bills from escaping heat.
  • Strength—This material doesn’t rot, warp, crack, or bend. It also resists chemicals and UV rays, and it requires little maintenance.
  • Sound insulation—The same characteristics that make fiberglass a solid heat insulator also make it a perfect sound insulator. You will not have to worry about excessive noise from neighborhood parties.
  • Appearance—You can customize fiberglass to look like any other material. This material’s strength also allows you to have thinner window frames, which contributes to a more modern look.

Your home needs durable and dependable windows. Replace your current windows with fiberglass ones to reap the benefits listed above.

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If your windows are drafty or leaky, tough to open or energy inefficient, with all the advances in window technology, there’s no need to put up with problem windows.

The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that up to 30% of a home’s energy “escapes” through insufficiently insulated windows and doors. Energy efficient replacement windows in St.Paul continue to be an effective way to cut down in your month to month utility bills and give your house a whole new facelift. Replacement windows are available in an array of styles and materials in order to satisfy your particular needs.

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