Storm Windows in St. Paul

Windows are beautiful and should stay beautiful, but they are also large openings in your home that have to be secure. With storm windows, you can enjoy style and safety at the same time. When you want an affordable way to renovate your windows, storm windows might be your best option.

Beissel Window & Siding makes it easy for you to appraise your window options and decide whether storm windows are your best choice. Our large window selection in St. Paul, MN gives you the ability to sort through and find products that match your goals.

The Benefits of Storm Windows

Storm windows are an additional window added to either the front or back of an existing window. The extra frame and pane of glass provide benefits for your home. Here is a quick summary:

  • Storm windows create more insulation. The layer of air between the two panes of glass prevents temperature transfer and reduces your energy bill.
  • Storm windows are more affordable. Instead of buying a brand-new window, you can buy a storm window and enjoy the benefits of an extra pane without the added expense.
  • Storm windows, as their name implies, provides protection for your home during major weather events.
  • Storm windows add extra security, as intruders have a harder time breaking through the extra glass.

If you want an easy way to increase the value of your home, then you should consider storm windows.

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Since 1950, Beissel Window & Siding has provided window replacement services throughout the St. Paul, MN area. You can weigh your options and talk with our experts when you visit our showroom. Contact us today to discover whether storm windows can help your home.

When you want to cut your energy bills, come talk to us about replacing your windows. The US Department of Energy says your home can lose 30% of its energy through improperly insulated windows and doors. Upgrade your home’s style and cut your power bill by taking advantage of our window replacement options.

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