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Home ownership is a solid investment option, which can put anyone on the right track towards financial independence. 

But, in order to reap the greatest rewards from home ownership, it takes planning, patience and reinvesting in your home to maintain the critical systems and physical structures that make up your humble abode. 

Deciding to move forward with a remodeling project is one of the smartest ways to reinvest in your home. A remodeling project can improve your home’s comfort level, functionality, curb appeal, and inject a much needed boost to your home’s overall value. 

The scope of a remodeling project can range between simple and quick updates, to more elaborate changes that require careful planning and special expertise to complete. 

Contact Beissel Window & Siding to learn more about some common remodeling projects requested by St. Paul homeowners.

Kitchen Remodel

In regards to a return on investment, a kitchen remodel offers the most bang for your buck. A highly functional and aesthetically pleasing kitchen remodel can add value to your home, not just monetarily, but also gives homeowners the upper hand when it comes time to sell. 

A kitchen remodel can be as simple as repainting cabinet surfaces or replacing countertops. 

But homeowners with more grand aspirations may want to proceed with a complete gut of the old kitchen and transform the room with new cabinets, countertops, flooring, new appliances, and completely change the overall layout. 

It is critical to enlist the services of a reputable contractor if a more extensive kitchen remodel is on a homeowner’s wish list.  Contact the pros at Beissel Window & Siding who have a proven track record in kitchen remodeling and can rebuild your space to the kitchen of your dreams.

Bathroom Remodel

A bathroom remodel can range between the smallest of changes such as replacing a vanity or adding new light fixtures. Or, to more loftier expectations including a complete gut of the bathroom that may entail rerouting plumbing, electrical rewiring, replacing a tub and upgrading floor and wall tiles. 

The possibilities are plentiful, but a major bathroom remodel is best left for a professional contractor that has the experience and expertise to complete the job.

Room Additions

For those homeowners looking to increase the livable space of their home, a room addition can be the ultimate solution. 

Although this can be one of the more costlier remodeling options, a room addition can be well worth the effort for a growing family or someone looking to advertise an additional bedroom or home office space when putting their home up for sale. 

The idea of increasing the footprint of your home’s layout can be complicated depending on the scope of the project. Either way, the successful completion of a room addition involves careful planning, thorough knowledge of building codes, regulations, zoning restrictions and the services of an experienced contractor to ensure the project is completed in a safe and efficient manner.

General Remodeling Considerations

There are an assortment of internal and external components of a house that must be maintained to ensure a home is operating in optimum condition. 

In regards to external components, maintaining your doors, windows, roof, gutters, siding, and hardscape features are all critical factors when considering the harsh weather elements that can wreak havoc on any of these structures. 

As far as internal structures, doors and windows are also important in maintaining a stable temperature within the home along with having proper insulation within the walls, basement, crawlspace and attic. A reputable remodeling contractor can assist with maintaining or replacing all of these indoor and outdoor home features and making sure your house is operating in peak condition.

Benefits Of Hiring a Professional To Remodel Your Home

Attempting to cut corners and save money by proceeding with a major DIY remodeling project or hiring an unqualified company, will most likely not lead to desirable results for your home improvement endeavors. There are many good reasons to hire a professional for your home remodeling aspirations. Here are a few factors to consider when selecting your St. Paul remodeler.

  • Experience – Nothing else can compare to having a remodeling contractor with experience. Having a contractor with abundant experience can be a true safety net when it comes to ensuring your home remodeling project is in good hands. This translates into having the knowledge to plan, execute, and successfully complete a project, while avoiding any major issues that can come about from poor planning or inexperience.
  • Quality – A reputable contractor can ensure a project is completed with the highest level of quality and workmanship. This includes completing the project on time, using reliable materials, and satisfying the expectations of everyone involved.
  • Project Management – A contractor would be responsible for managing the execution of the entire project. This can include obtaining any building permits, scheduling inspections, purchasing supplies, and hiring any subcontractors that may be necessary.
  • Insurance Coverage – A professional contractor will have general liability insurance in the event of an accident or unexpected damage to your property. This will provide comfort and reassurance to any homeowner while the project is ongoing.
  • Cost Savings – A reputable contractor will have a large network of suppliers who can provide materials or services at a discounted rate. In addition, a contractor will have the experience to complete the job successfully the first time around and avoid any mistakes that can cost additional money to correct.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire a St. Paul Remodeler?

The cost to hire a home remodeler can vary a great deal depending on the scope of the project and the type of service being provided. 

Contractors normally price their work based on a bundle of services and materials such as labor cost, overhead for staff and operations, worker’s compensation, taxes, and profit considerations. The cost to hire a contractor can also be dependent on location as some geographical regions are more expensive than others.

As a good rule of thumb, the average contractor fees can generally cost between 10% to 20% of the total project cost. In some rare occasions and depending on the work being done, a contractor may charge an hourly rate with a guaranteed minimum number of hours. 

It is best to research and consult with various contractors to get a quote and understand how their cost structure is calculated before proceeding with your home improvement project.

Tips For Hiring a Remodeler

To ensure you are hiring a reputable contractor for your home improvement projects, it is important to do your research before moving forward. Here are some valuable tips to consider as you proceed with your research.

  • Make sure the prospective contractor has the necessary experience to complete the project. A contractor’s expertise can vary and they may not be well experienced in the specific project you want completed.
  • Obtain a written preliminary estimate from multiple remodeling contractors. It is important to note, the lowest bid does not always translate to the best proposition. What you save on frontend cost, you may pay for on the backend with a poor quality job or cheap material.
  • It is important to check each contractor’s credentials. Do they have any certifications or belong to any national trade organizations? Are they a licensed, bonded and insured contractor? How are the contractor client reviews? Are they an accredited company with the Better Business Bureau?
  • Can the contractor provide samples including before and after pictures of recent work completed? This would give a great indication of their workmanship and level of expertise.
  • Find out from your contractor how long the proposed project is expected to take. You may be surprised at the different timelines you receive from each contractor.
  • It is important to note if the contractor has any existing jobs that will be juggled alongside with your project. This can greatly impact the timeline of your project completion if the contractor needs to share time and resources with multiple ongoing projects.
  • Make sure you and your contractor are on the same page when it comes to the project requirements, timeline expectations and overall goal for your project. There is nothing worse than a miscommunication with any of these project aspects, which can lead to a less than desirable experience and final outcome.

Why Choose Us?

Owning a home is the largest investment in most people’s lifetime. In order to keep this a profitable investment, remodeling gives you the best chance to boost your home’s value, while also allowing you to live in more comfortable and visually appealing surroundings. 

The Beissel Window & Siding remodeling services of St. Paul understands how critically important it is for any homeowner to benefit from the completion of a high quality remodeling project. With over 60 years experience in the business, Beissel Window & Siding has more than enough experience to successfully complete your home improvement aspirations with expert craftsmanship, which can last for years to come.

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